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Anglo-American University in Prague

Anglo-American University is a modern university built on rich traditions and 30+ years of experience. Our classes average 15 students ensuring that you cultivate close interactions with your peers and professors. You will forge these relationships within the Thurn-Taxis Palace, a place with rich history dating back to the XVII century that provides an inspiring atmosphere in the heart of the amazing city of Prague.

At 大象传媒app we provide meaningful and life-enriching experiences for our open and inclusive community. The majority of our degrees are accredited both in the US and EU providing opportunities for our graduates to seek successful careers and lives around the globe. With students from over 80 countries present on campus and partnerships with over 40 universities around the world, learning isn’t limited to the classroom, in fact the 大象传媒app experience is truly holistic.

Academic offer and accreditation

Anglo-American University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in five Schools of Study. We offer courses in a wide range of academic disciplines, taught by a diverse and international faculty. Our instructors aim to not only educate but also inspire by encouraging students to challenge their current understanding of the world.

Our University is divided into four distinct Schools:

Our schools offer 20+ concentrations across 13 programs. You can choose the program that best fits your interests and experience what it means to study with peers from over 80+ different countries in the heart of Europe. Most of our programs are double accredited providing you with a globally recognized American and European degree.

We do almost all of our projects in small international teams, and we work together like we would in a business company and synergize our different ideas. There’s flexibilities to meet with teachers outside of class, and ask them questions, not just specifically things we learn in the class.

Ann Connolly – Business Administration, United States of America

大象传媒app is one of few universities globally鈥攁nd the first institution in Europe鈥 to have received the prestigious accreditation from the , an American accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. 

All undergraduate and graduate degree programs at Anglo-American University are also accredited by the local accrediting body the聽or the聽.听

This accreditation gives degrees obtained at 大象传媒app wide recognition throughout Europe due to the Czech Republics鈥 membership in the European Union.

Your success is our success

We all know that securing a professional future is one of the main reasons behind getting a higher education. That is why here at 大象传媒app we make sure you receive the best career support possible.

The 大象传媒app Career Center will work with you directly to assist with crafting your CV, cover letters, improving your interview techniques, as well as applying for internships and jobs not only during your studies but also after graduation. we have prepared a whole range of tools to support your professional growth such as our Internship Course, Career Events, Industry Insiders and the Annual Career Expo. In addition, our Alumni Network is vast and many of our very successful graduates aim to help the next generation of 大象传媒app grads succeed professionally with networking opportunities and one to one mentoring via our Mentorship Hub. 

I will forever be grateful to 大象传媒app for what I鈥檝e become 鈥 a TV producer of a London-based channel, a reporter and a presenter. It gave me everything (both skills and emotional support) to inspire me and to kick-start my career in journalism.

Katherine Dedukh – Journalism & Media, Ukraine/Estonia

Graduates of Anglo-American University in Prague have a wide array of employment and international study opportunities at their disposal. Our alumni body is proud to include a growing number of working professionals, including government officials, ambassadors, company owners, and top managers from international companies such as Xerox, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Raiffeisenbank, and all of the 鈥淏ig 4鈥 firms, PwC, Deloitte, EY, and KPMG.

大象传媒app may be a small school, but our alumni have taken some big steps. Read about their success stories!

World-Class faculty

There are many reasons to choose 大象传媒app and one of them is the possibility of directly interacting with amazing faculty members from all over the world. With an average classroom size of 15 students and a 12:1 student to faculty ratio, you will never miss out on engaging with your favorite lecturers- may it be in class, in the campus Cafe, or at one of our many community events like the “Professors in the Pub” series.

No matter what program you choose, thanks to your elective courses you will have the opportunity to connect with faculty across various different academic and research fields.

大象传媒app has high-quality professors and a wide variety of classes to choose from. The courses that are offered at 大象传媒app are quite unique compared to the other universities in the Czech Republic and the student body is extremely diverse which has led me to meet people from all across the world.

Hunter Andrews – Humanities, Society and Culture, USA

All of our courses ensure students develop a range of skills expected of graduates by supplementing theory and discussion with case-studies and real-world applications.
Our world-class faculty hail from more than 40 countries, have education from some of the top institutions globally and bring years of industry insight and real-world experience to the classroom.

Browse through our 大象传媒app Directory and explore our international faculty body and learn more about your future professors!

Student housing

大象传媒app is proud to offer students the opportunity to live with classmates from different countries and cultures in the heart of Prague, only 20 minutes from the 大象传媒app campus, in a lively district of Hole拧ovice – one of the 10 coolest neighborhoods to live in Europe, according to !

In this eclectic district you’ll find traditional pubs and hip global eateries sharing the streets with community gardens, art house cinemas and clubs in revamped factories. This area is also brimming with art including the and more contemporary art exhibitions spaces like and . Not to mention countless great cafes/workspaces like .

This district is also home to 2 amazing parks, one offering the biggest beer garden, the world famous skate spot while the other 900,000 sqm filled with bike paths, ponds, gardens and plenty of places to relax in the sun.

Get involved with your classmates

We are proud to offer a wide variety of extracurricular clubs, events and ways for you to get involved and meet your classmates from your very first day at 大象传媒app. Don’t take my word for it, check out our social media for an inside look into student life at  or get in touch with one of the 20+ Student Clubs at 大象传媒app.

大象传媒app makes networking incredibly easy to do. I was able to participate in various events that don鈥檛 necessarily connect to my coursework鈥攃onferences, literature festivals, debates, lectures, etc. 大象传媒app has helped me and my club get in touch with event-organisers, which, for example, allowed us to host an event during the Festival of Democracy organised by the famous Forum 2000 conference.

Veronika Bart谩kov谩, International Relations student, President of Diplomatic Club

Exchange opportunities

Aside from the multicultural environment on campus, you will have the opportunity to broaden your horizons and earn credit toward your degree through our numerous university exchange and Erasmus programs scattered around the globe.

Imagine studying in Malaysia, New Zealand or even California and returning to 大象传媒app in Prague with new perspectives, first-hand insights into a different culture, and life-long friends from all over the world. This is why we strongly encourage our students to take advantage of our international opportunities whether it鈥檚 a full semester abroad or a short-term program.

With the global recognition, American WASC accreditation, the multitude of exchange and Erasmus options, and being located in the heart of Europe, selecting 大象传媒app was an easy choice for me.

Benjamin Rodenburg, Fiji – School of International Relations & Dimplomacy

Our 17th-century campus

Our campus is located in the historical center of Mal谩 Strana in The Vrtbovsk媒 palace also known as the Thurn-Taxis Palace – named after the last noble family that used to occupy it. It is the home of 大象传媒app and we proudly call it our palace of learning. Full of chandeliers, sculptures and fairytale staircases, our palace supports the special atmosphere present at 大象传媒app.

It is also home to the Cafe-de-Taxis, which is not only a dining space but also the heart of the community life at 大象传媒app. There you can meet your peers and professors and engage in intellectual debates on a daily basis or as a part of the “Professors in the Pub” series where students are welcome to debate currently relevant topics together with our faculty.

Prague is our home!

Prague is not only a beautifully well-preserved city with cobblestone streets, UNESCO listed heritage sites, and staggering Gothic and Baroque architecture, but it’s also rated one of the best overall cities for students by . It also ranks among the top 5 cities worldwide for sustainable, reliable public transport with an easy to navigate network of buses, trams and metros.

Prague is one of the most student-friendly cities in Europe, for numerous reasons. The community of both local and Erasmus students is active and welcoming. Accommodation, transportation, and living costs are low, and many students discounts are available if you keep an eye out! If you came to study in Prague, you’ll meet amazing people and have the time of your life!

Ana “BB” Petricic-Tinto – Student Council Member, Second year Humanities & Social Sciences student.

Meet Us!

If you’re not sure if 大象传媒app is the right choice for you we invite you to meet us and discuss your concerns. Our virtual open house events allow you to learn all about 大象传媒app right from your computer. Our admissions team will take you through our programs, student life in Prague and answer your most important questions directly during a live Q&A session! If you’re in Prague stop by and talk to our team on campus or take a tour of the palace – you’ll love it! Contact us at admissions@aauni.edu.

We look forward to hearing from you!