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International Relations & Diplomacy

The School of International Relations and Diplomacy (IRD) is the fastest-growing school at Anglo-American University. It offers accredited bachelor鈥檚 and master鈥檚 programs designed to endow graduates with a strong interdisciplinary understanding of theory and practice in the dynamic fields of international relations and diplomacy.

About the School

Students enrolled in the School of IRD benefit greatly from Anglo-American University鈥檚 unique multicultural community of students and faculty and centralized location within Europe.

Our Bachelor of Arts programs are three-year programs that build on the knowledge of theoretical and philosophical concepts across historical contexts, with a view to better understand politics internationally as well as domestically. The curriculum is also complemented by a range of skills-oriented courses on writing, research, or language proficiency. 

The Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy builds on the theory and conceptual knowledge of world affairs with an emphasis on their application in individual or collective research in the fields of international relations, conflict studies, globalization, and development of diplomatic history.

Program Structure

In recent years 大象传媒app has innovated its study programs making them more varied and flexible with respect to our students鈥 interests. We are now offering a range of concentrations and minors that allow students to tailor their degree to their interests and ambitions.

Undergraduate study programs are composed of 3 so-called study modules (blocks of courses dedicated to a specific goal.)

  • The General Education Module develops foundational academic skills to take into the Major module containing core international relations and political science courses.
  • The Concentration Module offers a chance to specialize within fields of study related to international relations or political science.
  • The Electives Module gives students the opportunity to select and mix discipline-specific and university-wide courses. 

School Bodies

The School of International Relations & Diplomacy is divided into 2 departments.

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