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Choose the program that best fits your interests and experience what it means to study with peers from over 80+ different countries in the heart of Europe. Most of our programs are double accredited providing you with a globally recognized American and European degree.

B.A. in International Relations

Choose from six unique concentrations and discover the world of international relations. Our diverse faculty will introduce you to important topics from a global and regional perspective and teach you how to apply theory to analyze and address contemporary challenges such as international security, migration and refugees, or human rights.

B.A. in Business Administration

With an exciting selection of nine different business concentrations, it is easy to find the perfect study path and launch your career. The program is double accredited and delivered by an international faculty with top qualifications and experience in the business world.

B.A. in Humanities, Society and Culture

Explore the diversity and richness of human culture. Examine individuals and their societies. The interdisciplinary program is dually accredited and taught by accomplished international faculty. You can study the major or choose from a range of humanities and social sciences concentrations to tailor your education to your interests and your future career and study plans.

B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies

Immerse yourself in an interdisciplinary degree combining standard journalism courses with media studies, film studies, and marketing/public relations. Join in the discussion with our accomplished and diverse faculty and learn how to express your creative voice on topics that matter to you.

B.A. in Visual Art Studies

We offer this unique program for those seeking a deep comprehension of visual arts and looking to establish themselves as visual art creators, critics, organizers, or curators. Understand the ideas behind the aesthetic by studying both visual art history and creating your own works of art.